Event Categories

As well as the full listings of events on PresentSounds, events can be categorised in various ways. This post explains a bit about this. Users are requested to fill in necessary info to complete the category listings pages. Once we have all necessary info these pages can be enabled for visitors to the site.

Organisers + Venues

All PresentSounds organisers and venues have their own page on the site. What’s displayed on these pages is taken from the info entered by users via wp-admin>>>Events>>>Event Organizer and wp-admin>>>Events>>>Event Location. Changes made here will automatically be added to the corresponding pages on the site. The pages also have listings of the organiser / venue upcoming and past events.


Similarly, any regularly organised events (ie Space Is The Place, Pintotonics) also have their own pages. Series organisers should enter info for these pages at wp-admin>>>Events>>>Series.


Further categorisation of events listings is also possible. Maybe useful to be able to list by style/genre?

The footer section at the bottom of this page has links to pages for all venues, series and organisers with more than one event posted on PresentSounds, listed by number of events posted (updated 15/08/2019). Once all info for these pages is complete, this can be displayed throughout the site.

Look and layout of these pages is work in progress but it’s all basically working fine and the look is fully customisable.

FEEDBACK REQUESTED! Please post any questions and suggestions you might have in the comments section below.

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