June 2018

Fri15Jun20:30Doek Festival 2018 - This is Our MusicDay 220:30 Bimhuis Entry: €18 / €15 (students, Stadspas,CJP)

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Thursday 14 June – Sunday 17 June

This year, Doek will go back to its roots and focus on the projects of its individual members. Each core musician has taken the liberty to pick a group that explores or expresses something personal to them. Of course, the result is quite a varied programme with musicians from across the globe. Performances will take place at Splendor, the Bimhuis, De Ruimte, and numerous surprise venues for the annual bicycle tour. Doek will also host workshops in the Bimhuis. 12 sessions in total with each Doek core member leading at least one session. The workshop ensemble will have a final performance during the bike tour.


• Eva Hoogland voice; Wolter Wierbos trombone; Oguz Büyükberber bass clarinet; Giray Gürkal guitar, bass guitar; Gülşah Erol cello; Korhan Erel electronics

Some time ago I played as a guest in Istanbul with the group Islak Köpek (Korhan, Gülsah, Giray, ao); last August I heard via friends that the cellist was beaten up by the Turkish police, and I decided to invite them here to Amsterdam for the upcoming dOeK Festival, and also invite some other Turkish players I know…. Oguz I met in Amsterdam, and we played together in one of his projects, with Simon Nabatov and Tobias Klein among others)…. improvisation was involved, but we also employed compositions. Then I thought it would be a great idea to include Eva Hoogland, Oscar Jan’s sister, who studies traditional Turkish vocal music. I am curious about this combination!
Wolter Wierbos

Stadhouders, Oliver, Vitols, ‘t Hart, Rosaly

• Jasper Stadhouders guitar; Mary Oliver viola; Uldis Vitols double bass; Harpo ‘t Hart electronics; Frank Rosaly drums

For this year’s DOEK Festival I’ll present a new quintet with a slightly unusual instrumentation. Three acoustic string instruments, acoustic drums and percussion, and a self-made analogue modular synthesizer. We’ll play new compositions, for which improvisation is key. The compositions will mainly serve as suggestions for what could be played, not what should be played. The people in this group are all excellent improvisers, therefore the decision making process within the composed material will be inspired by what feels the most appropriate in the spur of the moment. The form of the music that we’ll play will be less linear/horizontal and more modular/vertical. There’ll be a strong focus on the contrast between the directness of the acoustic instruments and the process-managing “indirectness” of the electronic modular synthesizer. With these musicians and this instrumentation, sonic possibilities are limitless.
Jasper Stadhouders

Hoogland, Sylla, Rosaly

• Mola Sylla voice; Oscar Jan Hoogland piano; Frank Rosaly drums

Frank Rosaly has been involved in the improvised and experimental music community since 2001 where he has become an integral part of Chicago’s musical fabric, navigating a fine line between the vibrant improvised music, experimental, rock and jazz communities. Listening to Rosaly is an active engagement: “I see my musical journey as process. My endeavors are meant to display, document and communicate that process. I play music to ask questions, and within this subjective art form, queries are not meant to be answered, but are meant to qualify new questions.” Like Rosaly, singer and percussionist Mola Sylla is in many ways a musical explorer. Born and raised in Dakar, Senegal. He grew up in the tradition of the griots. Griots play conveying stories – sometimes decorated with music, theater and dance – an important role in the culture in West Africa. His rhythm and melodic compositions differ from the western agreed schedules and provide surprising twists. Hoogland is a master on his electric clavichord and a key figure in the Amsterdam improv scene. A triangle of 3 cities – 3 musics – 3 people ‘taking position’. [Dakar – Amsterdam – Chicago a triangle of in total 18534 km]


Friday 15 Jun @ 20:30



Piet Heinkade 3


€18 / €15 (students, Stadspas,CJP)

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