March 2016

Wed09Mar21:00Help me to Crash band / Billie HanneMusic / Dance 30121:00 OT301, Overtoom 301 Entry : €7

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“DAISY” by Billie Hanne

“Daisy” is a delicate study in phrasing. It laces a word to move, a string of moves to a line of poetry. A one by one threading of time infiltrating of the will so it gives and diffuses. The dancing body allows abstraction of the words and as such the space in which they live becomes a constantly renewed pivot point of meaning. This is a new solo.

Billie Hanne is a poetry and dance artist based in Brussels. She composes dance and poetry in instant choreographies, provocative poetics in the spur of the moment, in the realm of vision and instinct.

Billie Hanne: dance, choreography, poetry
Eloise Neuville: costume


Help Me To Crash Band goes for an adventure on stage aiming to make visible what lies deep while it keeps on falling, supported by trust, tenderness and rawness.They seek for a language that is personal and intimate, looking for expression that is firm, free and rocking. How deep can we go with that?

Onno Govaert: drums
Arvind Ganga: guitar
Maria Mavridou, Malgorzata Haduch: dance

Emese Csornai: lights

The Music / Dance 301 (MD301) series presents improvised performance with an explicit choreographic/composition approach as well as set works that have as their main focus the relationship between movement and sound.


Wednesday 9 Mar @ 21:00



Overtoom 301


Manuela Tessi

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