June 2016

Thu23Jun21:00Music Dance 30121:00 OT301, Overtoom 301 Entry : €7

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1st set

The State of Mythical Calmness

Everybody knows where the Mythical Creatures live.It’s a place made out of earth, with many corridors and caves, full of mud and sand. The Mythical Creatures spend most of their time in a state of calmness, being almost half-asleep. Only in very few occasions, the Mythical Creatures break out of their calm state in order to engage themselves in stormy and ferocious, incomprehensible activities of varied duration. Nobody knows why and when exactly these activities take place, but it is strongly recommended to avoid any actions that might wake up the Creatures from their State of Mythical Calmness. Su-mi Jang, Electra Kouloumpi and Miriam Siebenstädt will use movement and sound generously to explore the State of Mythical Calmness and discover the Creatures that live in it.

2nd set

Marianthi Michailidou: dance
Esmeralda Detmers: direction, performance
Zwaan de Vries: vocals, performance

Lights: Ellen Knops
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The series Music Dance 301 (MD301) was created in direct response to a need for public and artists and to re-consider and re-present dance/music performance within a contemporary context. MD301 presents improvised performance with an explicit choreographic/composition approach as well as set works that have as main focus the relationship movement-sound. The series invites local and international artists to perform. These artists share the aim to question how to compose and execute a visual and sonic piece under the scrutiny of a public as witness.


Thursday 23 Jun @ 21:00



Overtoom 301


Manuela Tessi

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