December 2017

Wed06Dec19:3023:00RAMSES IMPRO/ RAVE DRAKSLER DE JOODE KÜHNE | DIKEMAN ØSTVANG19:30 - 23:00 Sociëteit Ramses Shaffy Huis, Piet Heinkade 231 Entry : €8 / €5 for students

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RAMSES IMPRO/ a fresh concert series of free improvised music
As clouds cover the city and mystery is upon us, an all new portal for free improvised music breaks through Amsterdam’s ceiling to open it’s doors on the 6th of December, leading to a contemporary world full of the unknown. Two sets of music played by two groups consisting of Europe’s leading improvisers.

Utmost honoured and excited to announce a remarkable line-up for the second ever RAMSES IMPRO/. We’ll have the wonderful chance to hear two groups and to welcome a guest touring Amsterdam!

Ada Rave – Tenor saxophone
Kaja Draksler – Piano
Wilbert de Joode – Double bass
Andreas Kühne – Drums

John Dikeman – Tenor saxophone
Tollef Østvang – Drums

Ada Rave’s (AR) saxophone playing reveals an overwhelmingly beautiful sound and playful approach. After moving from Buenos Aires to Amsterdam, she has become part of many inspiring ensembles like the ‘Kaja Draksler Octet’ and ‘Hearth’. On the 7th of December she will be releasing her new album with the ‘Ada Rave Trio’ (Clean Feed label), including Nicola Hein and Wilbert de Joode, at Splendor. I have already seen the trio playing a concert and I can only say, go to their release concert, for this group has that natural interaction that feeds the unexpected!

Pianist and composer Kaja Draksler (SI) has developed a space within music where she merges composition and (free) improvisation by working with different structures and musical logics. When I last heard Kaja play at the Bimhuis in trio ‘Punkt.Vrt.Plastik’ with Petter Eldh and Christian Lillinger, the way in which she metaphorically drew up a whole mountain of layers of sand within the complexity of the group’s own compositions, was astonishing! She recently formed her ‘Octet’, for which she composed the music. They’ve released the album ‘Gledalec’ on the Clean Feed label. Draksler is touring internationally playing solo concerts and in groups such like ‘Hearth’, ’Santos Silva-Draksler’ and ’To Pianos’.

As bassist Wilbert de Joode says about his instrument “A string is an endless source of inspiration”, it is De Joode himself who is a vital inspirer to many. Being at the award ceremony, it was so moving to see that while receiving the ‘Buma Boy Edgar Award’ as acknowledgement for his diverse musical achievements, it is mostly the appreciation of the people that have developed a strong connection working with Wilbert, that truly shows his valuable role. He has played extensively with Michiel Braam (Bik Bent Braam, trio BraamDeJoodeVatcher), Ab Baars (Ab Baars trio), Achim Kaufmann (SKEIN, trio Kaufmann/Gratkowski/de Joode) and many many more. Together with Cor Fuhler, Eric Boeren, Tobias Delius and Wolter Wierbos he founded ‘Stichting dOeK’ in 2000, which is a collective of improvisers creating opportunities for experimentation, research and performance. Meeting Wilbert and having lessons with him, has brought me many new insights and I am so excited to play with him in this amazing group!

Amsterdam based saxophonist John Dikeman (Rushville, NE, USA) welcomes touring drummer Tollef Østvang (Trondheim, NO). Having had the great opportunity to see John playing in different groups, I think it is save to say that John is an acclaimed and spirited player, which can be heard in his recent playing with the Jameszoo quintet, Cactus Truck, The Zebra Street Band and in Universal Indians, a group together with Tollef Østvang and Jon Rune Strøm.

The Trondheim based drummer Tollef Østvang plays with Norwegian’s finest, such like André Roligheten (Friends & Neighbors, Gard Nilssen’s Acoustic Unity) and Ola Høyer ( Cortex, Honest John, The Way Ahead). I am thrilled to have Tollef at our residence and to hear him live for the first time!

Another surprise visit from a touring artist has let to the second half of the programme. What happens when you put a tremendous amount of clashing components in a tiny box? Be prepared for the most energetic duo you’ve seen!

Last year, I came across a masterclass by the magnificent Kaja Draksler, Wilbert de Joode and Christian Lillinger at the ArtEZ conservatory in Arnhem. I sneaked my way in, heard them play in trio and give separate indepth – probably the most genuine I’ve seen – masterclasses. Afterwards, with a group of admirers, we spontaneously jumped in the car towards Eindhoven to see a concert of De Joode’s ‘Core & More’, that night consisting of Kaja Draksler, Tobias Delius, Jasper Stadhouders and Onno Govaert. To add to the excitement, joining this trip was drummer Etienne Nillesen, who then invited me to do the New Dutch Swing masters, where I’m now having lessons with him and Wilbert! Two days later, Core & More played at ‘Paradox & Van Kemenade invites’ in Tilburg, the “More” then consisting of Tobias Delius, Ab Baars and Ada Rave. They invited me to join for the way and so, I not only got to see one of the most ‘happening’ concerts, I also got to know a little bit of their wonderful characteristics being on the road.

Long story short: Since having met Wilbert, Kaja and Ada through these experiences, I had the dream of playing a concert together with them. This second edition of RAMSES IMPRO/ has offered the opportunity to invite them and it’s a great pleasure to announce we’ll be playing in quartet!

Ramses Shaffy Huis, where past, present and future share the same roof. Realised with the support of fundings by friends and subsidies, the brand-new Ramses Shaffy Sociëteit houses many artists and initiatives and holds an intimate concert environment, which often brings unique experiences, both for the musicians and the audience.

Polina Medvedeva

So much looking forward to welcoming everybody*!

*especially for those it will be their first encounter with free improvised music!

All best,



Wednesday 6 Dec @ 19:30 - Wednesday 6 Dec @ 23:00


Sociëteit Ramses Shaffy Huis

Piet Heinkade 231


Andreas KühneRAMSES IMPRO/ Piet Heinkade 231

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