January 2018

Wed10Jan19:30RAMSES IMPRO/ E03. New Years editionBaars, Duthoit, De Joode, Warelis, Guardia Ferragutti, ’t Hart, Govaert, Vītols, Stadhouders, Kühne19:30 Sociëteit Ramses Shaffy Huis, Piet Heinkade 231

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RAMSES IMPRO/ E03. New Years edition
Amsterdam January 10th 2018 – Jolts of light flashing through the sky, a portal appears and absorbs everybody into a contemporary world full of the unknown. A group of 10 travellers has already been identified:

Ab Baars – Tenor saxophone, clarinet, shakuhachi
Isabelle Duthoit – Vocals
Wilbert de Joode – Double bass
Marta Warelis – Piano
Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti – Performance
Harpo ’t Hart – Synthesizer, keys
Onno Govaert – Drums
Uldis Vītols – Double bass
Jasper Stadhouders – Guitar
Andreas Kühne – Drums

A fresh concert series of improvised music and performance. This New Years edition features special guests, performance artists and local musicians in a fury of mixed ensembles on one night. Curated by Jasper Stadhouders and Andreas Kühne.

RAMSES IMPRO/ @Ramses Shaffy Huis/
Where past, present and future share the same roof. *New artist-in-residence venue, lovely acoustics, grand piano, society hang, cash only(!), first Wednesday of every month **Realised with the support of fundings by friends and subsidies, the brand-new Ramses Shaffy Sociëteit houses many artists and cultural initiatives and holds an intimate concert environment.


Wednesday 10 Jan @ 19:30


Sociëteit Ramses Shaffy Huis

Piet Heinkade 231


Andreas KühneRAMSES IMPRO/ Piet Heinkade 231

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