How to post events

*** updated 4 september 2019 ***

A quick 5-step guide to getting started with posting events on PresentSounds.

1. First you need to get a login for the site. Contact Colin for this.

2. Login via with your username and password.

3. Add yourself to the Event Organizers list…

Your details will now be stored in the site’s database and used to create an organiser page which will also show a list of all your upcoming events. You’re now ready to start posting events.

4. Go to Events>>>Add Event and fill in the details…

While preparing posts, save as Draft until post is ready to publish. This prevents incomplete posts showing up on the public site.

Once your post is ready, click the red Publish button to save your post. The event will be immediately added to PresentSounds event listings. Check that your post is looking good on the site, then use the sharing buttons (at the bottom of the post) to post to Facebook, Twitter, or share the link to your event page via e-mail.

5. Events can be easily edited at any time. Whenever you’re logged in to the site you will see the    icon next to event titles – simply click on that to open the event editor. Make your changes, then click the red Update button to save your changes.

This site runs on WordPress. WP is fairly easy to get used to and the intention is to make posting as quick and hassle-free as possible.

Easy WP Guide is a very good introduction to using WordPress.

To create the events listings we’re using a plugin called EventOn.

Here’s what’s on next month. Got something to add?…


No events this month.

Feel free to use the comments section below to post any questions about how all this works or suggestions for how this guide could be clearer.

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