‘New Handicaps All Strings Pool’ – All STRINGS NIGHT – edition September 17 2018 13th edition)

Distelweg 89
19:30 doors open
20:00 start evening
23:00 end of event

‘New Handicaps All Strings Pool’ presents 6 x a year at venue ‘De Ruimte’ an acoustic ‘All Strings Night’ including an ever changing selection of 18 invited strings-only improvisers, each performer plays in 3 different set.
Set 1 > 6 trio’s of ‘1
Set 2 > 3 sextet’s of 15’
Set 3 > tutti

Nora Mulder/p
Nicolas Chientaroli
Michiel Scheen/p
Annick Odom/cb
Uldis Vitols/cb
Jonatahn Nagel/cb
Semay Wu/vcl
Raoul van der Weide/vcl
George Dumitriu/vla
Maya Felixbrodt/vla
Ig henneman/vla
Jacob Plooij/vl
Henk Zwerver/gt
Kristoffer Vejster Dyssegaard/gt
Wil Schmal/gt
Sanem Kalfa/voice
Felicity Porvan/voice
Annelie Koning/voice

Other dates will be November 19, 2019 > January 21 > March 18 > May 20 > June 17.

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